A.R.E.A. Bagels

“They have a wide variety of breakfast items, but their lox spread is classic and to die for.”

“The bagels come with different spreads, chive, tofu…yes tofu and its delicious.”

“For the past year and a half A.R.E.A is where i've gone for my fix, and do they ever provide.”

A.R.E.A. Bagels

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

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$ Price range Inexpensive

3 reviews

  1. These bagels are really, really good. I've only been by a few times, but every time got a solid breakfast. You can tell they are hand-rolled and they don't need to be toasted. Their everything bagels are COVERED in seeds… which is exactly how I like it.

    The waitstaff is kind of inconsistent. There's one guy there on the weekdays who is SO nice and friendly. The weekend staff seems a bit rude and gets annoyed if you take too long to order.

  2. The bagels are good enough and I'd say the cream cheese options are slightly above average (lots o' tofu) but the notable thing here at this otherwise run-of-the-mill joint is the customer service.

    Same crew always but special note of the owner (I'm assuming) manning the register who's an affable sort with a cheery disposition.  Even when it's chock-a-block on Sun morning with lots of PS "breeders" and their strollers, he's always got it under control and you're assured to get your correct order post haste!

    Return customers seem to benefit too from memorized orders.

  3. This bagel shop is passable but not outstanding.  They don't seem to replenish the bagel bins often enough to keep pace with demand, such that everytime I've been in there, there's only been three choices and the bagels aren't always at the peak of freshness.   The scallion cream cheese is amazing, and they have a lot of other topping choices.  It's a big place with a full deli and breakfast sandwiches and has a good location.

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