Bagel Boys & Deli

Bagel Boys & Deli

Delivery: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Caters: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Under $10

2 reviews

  1. Steak and cheese, with egg whites, American cheese, and grilled onions all on a roll with ketchup, salt and pepper. There you go and that will have you full for the rest of the day.

    They only accept cash until you reach the $10 bare minimum for credit card use

    The place is clean, a very nice size with tables for seating if you want to sit and enjoy your breakfast

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner this morning and what a piece of work he is.

    I walked in for the first time against my work associates recommendation to stay away.

    I ordered "bagel egg and cheese"

    The menu says $2.50 but they charged me $3.50. I explained it says $2.50 on the menu so the cashier gets the owner. He explains that "most people ask for "egg & cheese" and they want double egg". That's what they gave me. So I explained that I only wanted one egg and did not ask for two since I ordered off the menu. He turns around and says "I give you a dollar if you want I don't have time for this".

    The place was empty and the owner said he doesn't have time for this but he has time to overcharge and assume all customers want the exact same thing.

    In the end the bagel was not that great and the egg and cheese was a mess to eat. Probably because two eggs on a bagel is way too much and makes it hard to eat. Bagel itself was nothing special.  Would never go into this establishment again just based on the owner who's an obnoxious entitled ass.

    Midland Bagels and River Road Bagels has a much better bagel and an owner who gives a Sh@t about a happy customer.

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