Birch Coffee

“They have vegan pastry options and even serve soy and hemp milk (though it's not on their menu).”

“I had a small soy latte ($4) and it was my second cup for the day, so now the engine is well lubricated.”

“Love their cold brew, and love that i can get it in a growler for home intake!”

Birch Coffee

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Under $10

8 reviews

  1. Location: I have been here at least 10 times. I become less and less satisfied with Birch Coffee.
    First of all, it is small – three tables and long table with few seats, you have to lose your privacy and share space with random person. Sometimes, it is just not comfortable, at least for me.
    Secondly, they do not have wifi. I do not know why I did not ask if they have wifi before. I guess it was because I always just grabbed coffee here instead of …  actually sitting in. Yeah, no wifi, Birch coffee basically does not want you to be here long.
    Last, the decoration is very hippie tho.

    Coffee: Latte is a good start if you first come here. But do not ever order their drip coffee. It is lousy, bad and I wanna throw it right away after my first sip.

    In addition, no almond milk. Ask milk and then will give it to you some…

    Bad, and over time disappointed.

  2. Birch is a nice place to grab a richly flavored drink and chat for a bit. I usually order a soy hot chocolate over ice, which has just the right amount of sweetness. I don't know why it costs 50 cents more to make this drink iced, though. Also, the banana chocolate chip muffin is a scrumptious treat: moist and hearty.

    The non-food related aspects of this coffee shop are nice: the baristas are friendly and approachable, the ambiance is casual and relaxed, and there are even conversation starters stored along the wall for people to interact with one another. This isn't necessarily a place to do extensive laptop work or reading, and if you do want to go on the internet, you can do so for 30 minutes at a time by asking for a WiFi code for their Social WiFi network. The absence of a bathroom is a drawback to this place, and it's a big reason not to stay at Birch for too long.

  3. Great coffee, though it took forever (they're on par with Blue Bottle waiting times here). I get it, though – it takes time for the good stuff. Anyway, I had a great skim latte and my friend liked her cortado.

  4. My wife, friends, and I did a coffee crawl within just a few blocks of Birch Coffee, making this location our very first stop. We later went onto Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe. Two of us preferred our coffees there and myself and my Delaware friend preferred our lattes from Birch Coffee. This location of Birch Coffee also has a few seats to enjoy your coffee and several pastries including doughnuts from Brooklyn's Dough. They also have a little library where you can borrow a good book as you sit and enjoy really quality coffee.

  5. These guys serve up strong and satisfying iced coffee.  That said, $3.75 is a bit pricey for a small coffee served over ice.  The space is very small (3-4 tables total) with no Wifi, so don't really expect to hang out here or expect any sort of privacy.  Service can be a bit slow and they quickly get behind on orders during peak hours.

    They apparently have a killer Kyoto Cold Brew that is all the hype with coffee fanatics.  That said, of the 5-6 times I've been here, it's always been sold out.

    All in all, West Village is known for it's awesome coffee joints.  I expected a bit more out of Birch.

  6. Whoops, was the barista in the back using the restroom? Funny how they took our order, but there was nobody there to make it. Had a cute, strong americano as well as a bit of a cortado.

    Excellent and cute coffeeshop in a busy area. Definitely come check it out for a good coffee in all the various forms. Cool little library to boot, but no time to sit down and read. If you do sit though, you can people watch in the streets while you sip on your lovely beverage of choice. Check it out.

  7. Birch risks feeling pretentious with a tiny area and fairly high prices, but the friendly staff makes it feel more human. There are only three small tables inside and some room at the bar, but not restroom. The coffee is solid, about what you'd get at Stumptown, not as good as Blue Bottle. The water jug inside is nice though as I tend to get dehydrated with coffee pretty easily.

  8. tiny space, no bathroom- but came here to try their coffee, heard it's good. asked if we could charge our phone – behind the counter (place was empty). but no- barista didn't want to make the effort and move the grinder a little bit. not willing to help out and not friendly at all. hm, disappointing, since we left without having coffee and went to another place. will come back at some point though and give them a try with a charged phone 😉

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