Bistro Versailles & Patisserie

“In addition the dinner menu, they also do a great breakfast and brunch as well.”

“Bring a friend because any pastry cut and shared has half of the calories.”

“Ladies, there is a beautiful full length mirror and charming chair inside that make you feel suddenly like you are at the Opera house, and not a restaurant.”

Bistro Versailles & Patisserie

Takes Reservations: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Happy Hour: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Caters: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

6 reviews

  1. Food: Above average, but we didn't really given them an opportunity to blow us away since we were there for breakfast. Orders included mushroom & spinach omelet, spinach, tomato and goat cheese omelet and a croissant. The omelets are probably three eggs and served with a side salad. I also ordered a hash brown which was served by itself. Large enough for two. I don't drink coffee, but the juice seemed fresh squeezed.

    Service: no complaints, but we didn't put anyone to the test.

    Atmosphere: clean, French, open, casual, but nice.

    Misc: $90 after tip for 3 people. That's a lot for some breakfast.

  2. I Can Only Comment On A Very Quick Order…

    Man-I needed ONLY A CUP of lemon or ginger tea to sip on my way home and ease my laryngitis. I normally go a few doors down to get my usual decaf Chai, but I wanted to try something a little different…

    Went in, and immediately( to me) felt transported to France.

    Versailles has all the components of a classic bistro: 19th century French charm, vintage (or not) floor tiles, wood panels( NOT circa 1970)and wall to wall mirrors AND it looked cozy!

    Listen, maybe is the fact that I've been under the weather AND with no voice, but the accordion was poppin and Edith Piaf was playing for me in the background. Loved every second I was there.

  3. This is a quaint little bistro we came across while in Greenwich for lunch. We were greeted and seated quickly. Service is friendly.

    We both ordered croque madame sandwiches, and these were one of the best we have had outside of France. The bechamel, ham and cheese were all perfect. The sandwiches were toasted to perfection. We later met who we think is the owner, who is French, so it would make sense the croque madames were so perfect. I also had an order of frites, which were also very good. My partner had the autumn salad, which was a special. He said it was really good (see pic)!

    Since we were rushing to get back to our car before the meter expired, we did not get any dessert. But all of the pastries looked delicious and fresh. We will certainly be back when we stop here for lunch (instead of the fast food chains at the service plazas) on our drives between Boston and NYC!

  4. What a let down.  Used to come to this place many years ago for an excellent brunch.  Returned after 6 or so years ago to find the french onion soup nothing like it used to be and the food not at all the quality it used to be.  Was so let down, did not even want to try the desserts.  So-so food you can get anywhere else, plus they tripled the prices!  
    So I found out they are under ownership, no longer really French and well….things change, unfortunately for the worse here.

  5. My lunch had too many problems for me to recommend!

    The restaurant is physically very nice with indoor and outdoor dining spaces. A small pastry shop adds to the charm.

    Now when a restaurant is open to the street you have to expect some amount of flies and that's not a problem for me. The problem was the little bugs crawling on my plate ("le steak sandwich"). Only 2 or 3 but enough to turn me off.

    The sandwich itself was awful. Perhaps the worst steak I have ever had in a French bistro. Supposedly a NY strip, what was served was a solid piece of gristle surrounded by a few bites of edible meat. This "steak" was sloppily placed atop an open grilled cheese type of baguette sandwich with fries (good) and salad scattered on top of everything. The plate looked like it was composed by a five year old. Regardless of its poor looks it would have been ok had the meat been edible.

    It hurts to write this review and perhaps I should have complained to the manager – but it should be their job to watch what comes out of the kitchen – and not my job to bitch about it.

  6. Decadence? Wait I need a Thesaurus bcz I don't feel that  this word captures what I'm attempting to covey. Hmmm…you see, when I make the commitment to pursue a calorie sugar laden treat it just HAS to be worth consuming it for. So no boxed cookies or mass-produced chocolate pseudo treat for me dear…I want the real McCoy! And here is where I am willing to make the jump particularly with a Chocolate or Coffee Éclair: Choux paste filled with either chocolate or coffee cream and topped with chocolate….yes it's sooo delish! Or the Chocolate Crunch: Crunchy French wafers, hazelnut fondant and topped w Giandujas (that's where they get me) milk chocolate mousse and cocoa powder décor- ridiculous! Not convinced? Here: Bavarian Pear
    Vanilla sponge cake, fresh pear, Bavarian créme w caramel icing. Pears & caramel? Honestly…just pair this with a Latte and I'm committed.
    I rarely enjoy these luscious palette pleasing pastries but when I do it's soooo worth it. Thank you Versailles!

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