Everyman Espresso

“(5) They make a mean cortado – can't go wrong with triple ristretto shots using Counter Culture beans.”

“The latte stirred my soul, made me feel alive again, it transformed me and made me a better man.”

“I so, so love this place, which feels a bit like a secret delight, hidden in the lobby of the Classic Stage Company.”

Everyman Espresso

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Working: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range Moderate

8 reviews

  1. Very good lattes. So good that I barely flinched at laying down $5 for one. Barely.

    They've got a nicely cultivated pastry case that includes doughnuts from Underwest; alas, I was on my way to brunch so I wasn't in the market for one. First world problems

  2. Super friendly service but unfortunately, didn't love the cortado. It had a real sour taste that left a dry feeling in my mouth that I didn't like. The coffee is more bitter and sour here than most other coffee shops. But they use local milk, which is a plus!

  3. Had one drink from this coffee shop, their cortado. And I have to say that I am impressed. I like how you can still grasp the unique flavor of the milk and how it blends well in with the espresso. It's great! A bit pricey and their cup was small but the flavor was really something else! It was perfect too for New York's rainy day! The place was big and spacious so you can sit around and talk or work on things!

  4. Fantastic coffee spot in the East Village! My barista was super friendly and recommended the latte. It was the perfect latte for my Saturday afternoon! Perfect mix of milk and espresso and the right amount of sugar. Will definitely return!

  5. Another something-man! I have been to mad man, laughing man, and this time, Everyman!

    This damn-fine (as they called themselves, fair enough) coffee shop is unlike many of its neighbors in this area, that it offers a large space to really sit down and sip their espresso, one thing I'm longing for after a morning run from the west coast. At the same time, similar to everyone else, Everyman does provide a cool setup inside the coffee shop and a well-executed shot of cappuccino! Well done!

    Those donut lovers, good news! They carry the signature donuts from the renown car wash place Underwest, so no need to travel all the way. Their huge croissant also looks so attractive, have to give a try on my next visit.

    Everyman espresso, think every woman also enjoys it!

  6. Everyman has a right to drink coffee. Well, what about women? JK. This place runs my males for sure, the staffs I saw that day were all males who are really good at making latte art.
    Location: Everyman Espresso is close to NYU resident hall and Parsons and of course, Union square. So it is always crowded and crowded. Normally, I got no place to sit when I was there but today I was lucky enough to grab a seat and sat for almost 30 mins before the crowded came in.
    If you want to study here, forget about it. It's really loud and crowded. If you want to hangout with friends, this is your place. The small table shortens your distance with your old friends or potential lovers.
    There is also a theater inside this coffee shop. So if you see people are in line, some reasons are that they 're waiting to get to see a show instead of getting a coffee.

    Coffee: I had flat white. And surprisingly, it was good. In addition, their latte arts are amazingly elegant.

    The only complain is that it is so crowded.
    UGH, I barely want to spend a minute if this place is packed!

  7. Excellent iced coffee. Great robust rich flavor and they have simple syrup to sweeten it.. yay!  They make a mean cappuccino too. Really like this coffee house. Cool tunes too (Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop.. playing last time I dropped by)..

  8. I stopped by here for a cappuccino since I need my daily intake of caffeine. To me this place worth and deserves the five stars because of the coffee and in my case it was a cappuccino.

    Yes they use counter culture beans, which we all know it's super awesome. I use in my home everyday.

    However, they make such a perfect cup of cappuccino. If you were having a bad day that morning and you drink the cap. You will feel the assurance that everything is gonna be okay! Maybe i'm too much and over compensating, but it's the truth.

    Awesome job whoever you are who made by cappuccino! I will be back soon!

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