Ghenet Brooklyn

“The toasted injera had just the right amount of spice to start and the cheese on top cools the palate nicely.”

“Their Doro Wett (chicken in cooked in berbere sauce) in particular is outstanding.”

“We each had a glass of Ethiopian white wine which was very tasty and we shared a vegetarian combination platter for two.”

Ghenet Brooklyn

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Has TV: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Caters: Yes
PokéStop Nearby: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

8 reviews

  1. Full disclosure: this was my first time trying Ethiopian food so I didn't know what to expect.. That being that there are no utensils
    The authentic beers we tried were really good and I enjoyed the low key ambiance
    The appetizer we ordered tasted amazing but was oily and difficult to eat with your hands.. It was a bread with homemade cheese.
    The meals were a little easier to eat.. Came with a spongey flatbread that you dip into the veggies/meat of your choice.  I got the fish which was cubed and in a mildly spicy sauce.. My date got the lentils which we both liked better.
    I would recommend trying to vegetarian dishes rather than the meat.

  2. All Injera are not created equal.

    This is my second foray into Ethiopian cuisine this week and third in all.  Of my limited encounters, the injera here wasn't my fave. It was heavier, somewhat drier, and not as acidic as the ones I've had before.

    The vegetarian sampler allows you to choose 4 vegetarian toppings for a steep price of 18.95. I chose the mushroom, pickled beet and potato, cabbage, and split peas. The split pea and beet were my faves. The mushroom is spicy, but they do warn you.

    I never thought I'd say this (given my first experience in Chicago), but I think Ethiopian food is moving up on the list of my favorite cuisines. Overall, four stars for the flavourful food, friendly staff, and neat space. Still on a quest to find the best Ethiopian food in NY.

    P.S. Had the Ethiopian coffee. Potent, Petit, No milk, 2 sugars.

  3. The decor is very warm and cozy. I had a great time here with my friends. It was also our first time trying Ethiopian food. We got the steak tartar and sambusa. The steak tartar was oily and spicy. I definitely like it. The chicken and steak sambusa was decent. We also got the combination for four. It was a good portion. They have a variety of meat and vegan dishes for you to choose from. I also got the peach martini which was very flavorful. This was definitely a good experience.

  4. Been here twice with two years in between and the quality have been the same and delicious. We had the platter for four so we had all the meat and all the vegetables. Everything had so much taste and each dish tasted so different. Love this place.

  5. I went here for dinner last week and really enjoyed it. I appreciate that they serve beer and wine, as well.

    The ambiance is really unique and comfortable. Service is really quick and reliable. The injera is less sour than most others I've tried and I appreciated the milder flavor.

    I am vegan and ordered a vegan plate with multiple dishes and it was pretty good. I especially enjoyed some of the bean dishes. It would be nice if they had specials or some seasonal dishes, or even if they had vegan options other ha. beans or collards. That being said, what they do have is good enough and definitely enjoyable. My meat eating counterpart really enjoyed her meal too, for what it's worth!

  6. Came here for a late dinner post-trivia at Pacific Standard. We hadn't had some good Ethiopian in a while, so Ghenet was the perfect choice, given the options nearby. The 5 of us were ravenously hungry after all that hard work at trivia, so we got one of the combination plates (all 4 meats and all the vegetarian choices), which came out on a huge platter.

    My favorite were the doro watt (chicken), and the siga watt (beef morsels), as well as the gomen (stewed collard greens). The chunks of meat were very tender, had the right amount of spice, and wasn't too salty, and the injera (sour flatbread) had the right amount of density and lightness. The combination was the right choice, because we were able to taste a little bit of everything, even if we weren't sure what everything was. We ordered a bottle of the honey wine, and they brought out a sample of their housemade honey wine, as well as their commercial version. We stuck with the commercial version, heh. The housemade honey wine tasted fine, but just looked a little cloudy.

    Service was pretty attentive, and they came out with more injera pretty much instantly when they saw we ran out, which was pretty great. The price for a combination for 4 was about $68, and was definitely enough food for the 5 of us, so the value was pretty great. Each plate on the menu was about $15, and this was the best way to try everything.

    Not sure if I'm inclined to come out of my way for this, since it's a bit of a trek for me personally, but it's definitely a good option for Ethiopian in the area for sure.

  7. Ethiopian food is a hands on (or in) kinda food!  No utensils need apply!
    So if you don't mind eatiing with your hands you will love it!

    This is the 3rd Ethiopian restaurant I have been to (2 NY, 1 Chicago) and the food here is the best I've had.

    The place is quaint and small with lounge like decor and a small bar.

    I def recommend ordering the combo platter, esp if you're a first timer!
    We ordered the platter with meat.  (see pic)
    The platter was covered with the injera (Ethiopian bread) with piles of food a top.  This is served with fresh injera alongside to use for scooping, dipping, grabbing…whatever you'd like!

    The reason I gave 4 instead of 5 was for shoddy service.
    I felt like we were constantly waving at them for attention.

    I will likely visit this restaurant again!

  8. Good Ethiopian food with authentic flavor.  I've never had a mushroom dish at an Ethiopian restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed the mushroom wett.  I ordered the veggie platter and must say that that was the standout dish.  Love that they are so generous with the injera!!!

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