Greene Grape

“Total cost after tax was $3.81 for a hefty scoop of ice cream, cheaper than Ample Hills and other places I've been in the area.”

“Any time olive oil is incorporated into a dessert, good things ensue.”

“We came here and got the strawberry ice cream in a delicious gluten-free (!!!)”

Greene Grape

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Inexpensive

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  1. The ice cream here tasted pretty awesome but I would have loved to have more flavor options. It's in my favorite little part of Fort Greene and I had just left Habana Outpost with a fellow Yelper and crew. We were given coupons that had to be used the same day. It was the perfect relief on a hot summer day.

    I was grateful to go inside and really liked the cute little seating area. The people who worked there were nice and accommodating. We had fun and I liked sitting by the large window looking outside. They were playing great music too so it was a good experience though without the coupons it would have been a bit pricier than I would like.

  2. Delicious & very friendly service. Didn't realize that they don't make their own proprietary brand of ice cream, but it was still yummy and I left a happy customer.

  3. They don't make their own ice cream. That was a real disappointment.

    Instead, they serve a variety of local BK flavors (but not the best flavors from each shop). For example, they serve Blue Marble – but they didn't have Pistachio Almondine. They serve the basic flavors.

    I'm not saying their flavors are bad – but you can just go to most local grocery stores in BK to buy what they serve up.

    My spouse and mom in law bought the phin & phebes dark chocolate salty caramel. Too bad we had a pint of the same flavor at home.

    I refused to buy what I already had and thought the flavor options were lazy.

  4. I had the salted caramel and strawberry here. The strawberry was rich in flavor. The salted caramel was sweet. It would've been great if they have more flavors

  5. It was really hot.  

    I hadn't even had dinner yet but, screw it, perks of being an adult.

    We walked in tried a few flavors (strawberry tasted so fresh!) and I decided on the peanut butter and chocolate flavor.  
    The flavor and texture were really good.  
    Biggest complaint is that the lady behind the counter gave me attitude to start (like she didn't want to be there or something) and then accidentally gave me a used popsicle to try my ice cream…gross. Then she didn't even apologize. In her defense I could tell she was really embarrassed and the manager or whoever kind of quickly tried to whisk it all under the carpet.  I didn't make a big deal about it but that's bad organization and frankly, if you make a mistake you should apologize-grow up.  

    Moooooving on, ice cream was 4 star but the space itself (which was small and dingy) and the service faux pas bring it down to three.

    Also, is everything on that block but the Hungry Ghost coffee shop owned by Greene Grape?

  6. I'm frankly surprised this place isn't rated higher.

    I stopped in tonight after perusing Greenlight next door. They are closing next week for the holidays so they are running low on flavors but the woman behind the counter said she'd be happy to make any of the sundae combinations they offer and was accommodating.

    I decided to go with a small strawberry scoop in a cup. Total cost after tax was $3.81 for a hefty scoop of ice cream, cheaper than Ample Hills and other places I've been in the area.

    The ice cream was so creamy and delicious, I couldn't believe it. It tasted almost like gelato, extraordinarily tasty. The strawberry flavor was light and subtle but so good. I can't recommend it enough.

    The store itself is small, selling Brooklyn area products. It's a cute shop that can't fit more than five or so people but feels quaint and intimate. Definitely stop by this place for a scoop of ice cream – HIGHLY recommend!

  7. With a name like SCOOPS, I expecting many flavor options for my scooping pleasure. On my visit there were eight options to choose from. I love that all the flavor are BK local creameries but really just eight. The eight options are also THEEE most basic of options. We chose the Adirondack Creamery Mint Chocolate Chip and it was good, not all that             Ah-may-zing, but just good.
    I went in with a BOGO scoop Labor Day offer and it was a good way to get to know the flavors. Two single scoops one in a waffle cone, one in cup both with sprinkles came to $4 and change. Great for getting two cones. After paying I quickly realized that without the Labor Day coupon I would have easily spent close to $10 for two scoops of ice cream. The cone is .50 extra as well as the sprinkles.
    It's a smaller ice cream shop but there is a nice window seating area along with a three top in the center of the shop and high top seating four along the wall. The employees are friendly and patient as they should be in this very family friendly neighborhood. Don't think I would be frequenting them much but at least I can say I tried it. Hopefully when k go back there will be different flavors to entice me again.

  8. I happened to be in the area and stopped in. My ice cream was yummy. I had a banana flavored ice cream and one with coconut. Both creamy and delicious on a cone. The location is a bit on the small side with a couple of tables and chairs and a counter with stools. Not designed for a long stay. They had a little music playing in the background and the ladies at the cash register were polite and friendly. I would definitely return again for more ice cream.

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