Greenpoint Fish & Lobster

“The specials included dishes like bluefish pate.”

“Perfect for snagging some oysters before you make your final choice from the spread of daily catches.”

“The monkfish satay and kelp noodle pad thai are both delicious and they have a great selection of oysters.”

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Caters: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

8 reviews

  1. 3.5 stars.

    I finally made it to this place famous for its fresh seafood. And fresh – although a bit overpriced – it is. Fish plates change depending on the morning catch. They have 10 tables seats (2-people tables) and 11 stools at the bar, so come early (especially on weekends). We showed up at 3:35p on a Saturday and didn't have to wait.

    Fish collar (red snapper): flavorful, but very little to eat. I was hoping they would have the king salmon. $12 for a couple of bites of meat.

    Fish chowder: tasty.

    Lobster roll ($27): fresh, but way overpriced. I wouldn't order it again. It should have been accompanied by something to make it more moist.

    Grilled fish tacos (pollock): they could have been more moist, but they tasted pretty good.

    Fried Brussel sprouts: phenomenal.

    Homemade key lime pie: delicious, but tiny.

    Overall I think would go back if I lived closer, but definitely not when I'm hungry. They serve tiny portions, and prices add up quickly.

  2. A glass of wine or a beer, some impeccably fresh and delicious oysters along with a tasty seafood dish – this is what summer is all about according to my wife. I agree with her. It doesn't get more fundamental than that. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster knows how to summer.

    First off, they have a rotating selection of quality beers and even wine on tap! My wife did the cabarnet franc rose and I went with Sweetwater 420 extra pale ale. Went perfectly with the seafood to come.

    The oysters are usually a rotating selection from some top shelf choices across the country. They give you a little description sheet where you can put a number next to your choices. They typically range from $3-$4 served with cocktail, mignonette and lemon expertly shucked and damn good!

    We each did the fish tacos – an order of grilled and fried so we could compare and contrast. Of course the fried ones won out – excellent versions, but some would say $12 for two tacos are pricey. That may be but whatever you do, DO NOT sleep on those fried pickles! I would say they are a must try side! Whole spears are perfectly fried, sprinkled with salt and paprika, with a side of lemon and remoulade. They were incredible!

    Place is on the smaller side with no reservations –  a few small high top tables or you may have a seat at the marble bar overlooking the open kitchen. There is a small fish market in front if you want to DIY. Its a good choice – you will get quality for your money! Give it a go!

  3. KenScale: 8.0/10

    A perfect lobster roll can absolutely make your day, but it's also deceptively hard to find that magical roll. I'm by no means a lobster roll guru, but I do have slight preference to the simple so-called "Maine" style lobster roll that has a hint of mayo over the "Connecticut" style that tends to rely on butter to give a jolt of flavor to the lobster. I'm a huge believer in making the seafood's freshness speak for itself without additional ingredients. I haven't had a decent lobster roll in a while, and sensing an opportunity for a quick meal before heading out to my friend's house party, stopped by at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster for a quick fix. It turned out the lobster roll at this unassuming seafood restaurant with a market inside is one of the best ones I've had.

    Before you turn to the lobster roll, don't skip various offerings of fresh seafood to start your meal on a pleasant note. There is a daily selection of oysters, and I thoroughly enjoyed each piece of Kumamoto (those little ones from California) as well as Wellfleet that was delightfully fresh. There is daily crudo selection as well, and the arctic chart crudo I had not only had awesome silky smooth texture but worked quite well with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and sea salt to give a slight flavor to it. The slight disappointment was the grilled Baja fish taco (the one that I had came with red snapper with citrus cabbage slaw, mayo, radishes and cilantro). While the fish was more or less perfectly cooked, I thought the kitchen overplayed this dish by putting too much seasoning into it to undermine the texture of red snapper. Now on to the main menu! The Maine-style lobster roll at Greenpoint Fish is near perfection, a generous pile of lobster with barely a hint of mayo and sea salt to give maximum effect to the fresh texture of lobster inside the roll. I could seriously eat this every day for lunch! Pound for pound, this was one of the freshest lobster rolls I've had in my life, and I just can't stop thinking about the way the kitchen smartly played down the flavor without undermining the texture of this awesome seafood.

    The restaurant doesn't take reservations, but I was able to get seated on one of the high tables right away. It has a nice neighborhood vibe of Greenpoint, a particularly cozy space with the seafood market next to the dining space. There is full bar, and my suggestion would be to enjoy your meal with a glass or two or white or rose wine during a sunny summer day. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster is really a gem that you should visit if you take your lobster roll journey seriously.

  4. I was really in the mood for a fish sandwich and I wasn't talking about a Filet-O-Fish; I was looking the for the kind of sandwich you can get when you are on some tropical vacation.  I randomly searched fish sandwich and up came Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.  I had never heard of it before, but after looking at the menu and reading what others had to say I was in.  I had to have it.  We arrived about 2pm on Saturday and we ended up waiting about a half hour.  It's a small place with seating for about 20ish and a large group would be a problem.  I didn't even care about the wait, because I just knew that this was the place I needed to be.

    We were there when the brunch menu was in effect which included a couple of brunch type dishes along with fish sandwich, tacos, chowder, etc. GFLC is all about the fish, there is no token burger or chicken dish on the menu, so if you don't eat fish this place is not for you.  They also have a bunch of beer and wine options, along with a few cocktails on the menu.

    We started out with a couple of fresh oysters which were great.  We ordered 2 different varietals and each had it's own distinct flavor profile which they do a good job about explaining on the menu.

    While menu items are consistent the type of fish used for each item will rotate and will be listed on the board above the kitchen.

    Fish Sandwich:  Used porgy that day and is served on grilled sourdough with house-made tartar sauce, arugula, tomato, cabbage, and chilies.  It was an amazing sandwich.  All the flavors went perfectly with the fish and the heat coming form the chilies made it that much more addictive.  I'll be thinking about this sandwich for a long time.

    Baja Fish Tacos: Used bluefish and were delicious.  You can get the fish fried or grilled and while there are 2 tacos per order, they are bursting with fish.  They are served with citrus cabbage, chipotle-lime mayo, radishes and cilantro on corn tortillas.

    Really great place to get fresh fish dishes that are hard to find in the city and can totally satisfy that fish sandwich craving.

  5. I was craving a whole lobster so i decided to come here. Unfortunately by the time i had arrived a lot of the items on the menu were already 86'd. My boyfriend and i ordered the fish and chips, fish chowder, fish tacos, and the fish pate. didn't want all fish but had no choice at that point. The fish and chips were very crispy however it was under seasoned. The fish tasted like there was no salt at all. The fish pate I enjoyed very much. However i dont know if i would call it a pate because the texture was definitely a tuna salad texture. The corn chowder tasted great but was a little too thin for my taste. And the tacos were just okay. Overall i would go back to try other items.

  6. The place was honestly such a pleasant surprise. A simple, fresh menu, along with a relaxed environment. Yes, some things can be a little pricey but at the same time there are some great deals. During happy hour, some really great oysters for $1 per!

    If you're in the neighborhood and craving fresh, high-quality seafood this is the spot!

  7. A Greenpoint gem.  The place itself is very clean and welcoming.  I love the bar facing the open kitchen!  You can see the chefs cook right in front of you and the shuckers laying oysters neatly on a bed of ice.  The Watermelon-Lemonade Cocktail is incredible, especially on a hot Summer day, AND not to mention they have Rosé on tap!  

    We started with some fresh oysters, clams, and live sea scallop – all very delicious; probably some of the best oysters I've ever had.  Then, we tried the Daily Small Plate, which was a creative twist on an arepa.  Love places that let chefs be creative on the daily.  We decided to try the Fish & Chips with a side of the Brussels Sprouts tossed with ranch flavoring.  Oh. My God.  To die for!

    Will definitely be going back and will definitely be highly recommending this place.

  8. Fish. Tacos.

    San Diego doesn't carry much weight on a national culinary scale, but when it comes to Mexican food (and fish tacos), few other cities stack up. Why am I bringing up San Diego for a review of a Brooklyn seafood restaurant? Because these fish tacos might be some of the most memorable I've had since moving away from the west coast many years ago.

    I've had the pleasure of trying Greenpoint Fish & Lobster several times in the past, but it's always been at an offsite events where they were a vendor. It's nice to finally get into their brick and mortar, as it's a lovely counter style restaurant that will transport you out of Brooklyn and into a quaint Eastern Seaboard village in no time.

    Their menu features bowls, sandwiches, tacos, lobster rolls, fresh oysters and clams, and more. Whatever style you prefer to eat your seafood (aside from sushi and sashimi), you'll find it here. As referenced earlier, I went with the fish tacos. They come either grilled or fried, so depending on how many Soul Cycle classes you've been to recently, you might want to go grilled (though the fried are reportedly out of this world). The grilled fish tacos are prepared on a griddle no more than three feet from the counter and topped with pickled cabbage, radish, cilantro, and a seasoned aioli. Squeezed with a dusting of lime atop a warm flour tortilla, it's a simple, yet delicious meal made fast. At $12 for two, it's one of the better deals on the menu as well.

    Their lobster roll has earned high marks from esteemed local rags and blogs, but at $27 it was a bit of a commitment. I have no doubts it's one of the best in the city, so when I'm feeling especially spendy in the future, I'll have to make that happen. But for now, those fish tacos will be something worth traveling over the East River for.

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