Kyo Izakaya

Kyo Izakaya

Takes Reservations: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Has TV: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
PokéStop Nearby: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

2 reviews

  1. We were shopping at the liquor store on the corner and decided we were hungry. I saw Kyo Izakaya across the street and suggested we give it a try. We were VERY happy that we did.
    It was 4:30 on a Tuesday so we were the only ones in the restaurant. The manager/waitress sat us and was extremely attentive. There is a fish tank with lobsters, eel and other fish. Our twins went over and were amazed. The waitress went with them and explained what everything was in the tank.
    We started with potato croquettes, agedashi tofu and nasu dengaku for appetizers. Croquettes were delicious, fried to a golden brown and well seasoned. Tofu was lightly fried, soft and silky. The nasu is roasted eggplant with a sauce. It was smokey, sweet and delicious.
    Our twins shared a salmon teriyaki. Nice crispy skin and very good teriyaki sauce. My wife had the fired rice soup and it was great! Crunchy rich with vegetables and seafood are in the bowl when broth is added. I had the Kushi yaki. There were about 8 skewers of assorted meats and seafood. I was especially surprised by the eel. I am not a lover of eel and this was sauced perfectly and a good consistency. My Kani Tempura, or soft shell crabs, were some of the best I have every had.
    We are so happy we stumbled upon such a great restaurant in our backyard and can't wait to return!

  2. Free small sake for check-in offer?  I'm in!  It went down smooth and dry and was enough for 3 shots.

    Most of the food that we ordered blew my mind away.  We had and LOVED the beef tataki (chilled medium to medium rare beef slices), takoyaki (very soft octopus balls), agedashi tofu (thin outerlayer is fried), and the soba buckwheat noodles that literally came on ice.  The cold dipping broth for the soba added a light, subtle flavor and the dashi sauce for the tofu was so flavorful yet clean and refreshing. Even the chips and light cheesey salsa sauce we were given at the beginning was good.  I thought it was clever of them to include on the menu what were the most popular/recommended items.

    There was one dish we didn't like. It was the beef that came in a hot skillet with bean sprouts and sesame seeds. It was bland and tough to chew, most likely overcooked.  It was also tiny for $11-12 (about 8 bite size chunks).

    Hopefully they add a dessert menu soon. I would love to see what they come up with!  They also have a small sushi and sashimi menu.  Most of the food here is meant to be shared (it's an izakaya so think tapas but bigger portions).  This place works great for both a meal or an in between snack.

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