Parker & Quinn

“This review is specifically for New Year's Eve at Parker & Quinn at The Refinery Hotel.”

“I've been here a few time on work lunches and I can honestly say that it's probably the best business lunch spot in Bryant Park.”

“To start, the restaurant has a very cool vibe with high-back leather booths and high top tables that make for an intimate but lively atmosphere.”

Parker & Quinn

Takes Reservations: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepts Apple Pay: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Has TV: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

8 reviews

  1. Went for a dinner on a Friday night. It's a busy place with great vibe! The bar in the front is filled with people and we were led to the back for the dining area. The menu is great and we liked our dishes. The price is very reasonable even my bf was surprised. We ordered the Pepperoni flatbread (aka pizza) with the chillies on the side since I can't eat spicy. My bf loved it and was eating everything with it. He had the lamb burger and I had the Rigatoni pasta.

    My only complaint is because when we were seated, I asked the host lady if I could sit at another table, because the one she seated us was at a corner where all the waiter traffic is. According to my bf, she said yes but made eye contact with the waiter and rolled her eyes at me. What kind of service is that??? You could've said no and I would be fine with it!!!! OR at least roll your eyes when you are not around the customer. I am not going to penalize the restauarant just beacuse of this one person so I am not going to lower my rating, but this was extremely unprofessional of her!!!

  2. Great bar, great food, great atmosphere. My friend and I came here on St Patrick's Day. I was worried it was going to be really busy, but it wasn't too bad. We were able to get drinks at the bar fairly quickly and waited around 30 minutes for a table. I would probably recommend reserving a table if you don't want to have a long wait, all the tables were full. The bar is really nice, good decor and booths around the outside.

    We were seated at the rear of the restaurant where is was less busy. There is so much choice on the menu, it took us ages to decide what to get! In the end we both went for a couple of small plates. I had the meatballs and a side of Mac & Cheese and my friend had the mushroom flatbread and a side of shishito peppers. The food was really good, of a really good standard. The 'small plates' we're not small at all! I had to take the majority of my Mac & Cheese to go! I would love to return as the burgers sounded amazing! The only hiccup that I had was they initially brought the wrong dish out for me, but I advised I had not ordered it and the correct meal was out in minutes.

    The servers were really friendly and able to provide recommendations from the menu. They recommended the meatballs and they were delicious! The Mac and Cheese was also amazing, really creamy and the cheese flavor was so good, they must have used a really good cheese. It was lovely homemade tasting. Sometimes when you get Mac & Cheese, it can seem a bit prepared in advance and cheaply done – this was the opposite end of the scale- amazing! Even the leftovers the next day!

  3. I have mixed feelings about this place. The food was great, but the service was horrible.

    Brussels- Seasoned with fish sauce, sweet chili, and sesame. It was uniquely flavorful. Definitely worth trying. ($9)

    Margherita Flatbread- I wish I took a photo of the incredibly uneven slices. How difficult is it to cut even slices for four people? One slice was insanely huge, one was skinny, another was super tiny, and luckily there was one normal looking slice. It tasted great though. ($12)

    Grilled Octopus- It was alright. ($13)

    Hanger Steak- It was salty, gamey, and left such an odd taste in my mouth. ($21)

    Salted Caramel Cheesecake- It was delicious! ($10)

    S'mores- Two scoops of Nutella gelato laid on a bed of crunchy wafer balls covered in chocolate sauce, and topped with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows. Wow, this was my favorite part of the night. Lovely presentation and amazing taste. The taste reminded me of Ferrero Rocher, but mixed with s'mores. I highly recommend it. ($10)

    Now, onto the service.

    Good thing my friend made reservations prior to dinner because it was insanely crowded. I loved the little vintage booth they seated us in. Our server left us with menus. Then, he disappeared for over half an hour. After he delivered the food, he disappeared into the darkness once again.

    After our entrees, we thought they would come with a dessert menu, but they cleaned up our table and forgot about us. I had to walk around to find a server and ask them for the dessert menu.

    After dessert, we sat there for close to an hour, without any servers in sight. I had to search for a server once again to ask for the check. Apparently, our server had left for the night, and they forgot to assign a new one to us.

  4. We stumbled across Parker & Quinn on a late weeknight. Luckily it was open late, unlike (surprisingly) some other options in the area. Leather booths, gray & gold motif wallpaper, plus the vintage paintings make for a posh, artsy ambiance with a dark spin.

    I remember thinking: eating here would always make me feel like it is nighttime, regardless of what time of the day it actually is.

    We ordered a Margherita pizza and side of Blistered Corn. Definitely high quality food but I found the pizza to be way too watery (from the tomatoes / sauce?) to the point that we could not cut slices without all the toppings falling of. Blistered Corn was good but too buttery for me – I should have asked them to go light on the butter. As for the pizza, they were nice enough to add pepperoni without added charge!

  5. Stopped here for drinks a couple of times.  Worth the stops.  Above-average cocktails in a relaxed environment.  Creative cocktail list but they still make good classics.

    Had some shishito peppers last time and they were overdone but not terrible.

    Nice easy spot for a drink in midtown.

  6. This place was just around the corner from my hotel and we wanted a fast breakfast on Saturday morning.  My omelet was good and you choose one  cheese and two veggies and it comes with toast.  I asked for no butter and I got toast with butter.  Fortunately, it was not buttered well and as we were short on time I rolled with it.
      The service was lacking and quite sparse.  The food was overpriced for what you get.

  7. More like 3.5 / 5

    My husband and I came here for lunch today.  

    Service was really attentive, friendly and professional.

    We ordered a bunch of things.  Overall, the food was good, but nothing really stood out.  Prices were a bit high.

    Fried Chicken Sliders – really good, crispy, flavorful batter on the chicken, I would recommend this.

    Grilled Octopus – Unfortunately, this was more like grilled tentacles.  We prefer the thick meaty (like, at least 2 cm in diameter) piece of octopus legs, which was lacking in this appetizer.  The seasoning was delicious, but the octopus parts fell short.

    Margherita Flatbread – I really enjoyed this flatbread pizza, was delicious. My husband (native New Yorker) thought it was ok.  It was just room temperature when it came out, I would have preferred it to be a little hotter.

    Eggplant french fries – The husband liked these, they were different.

    Crab Mac & Cheese – Sounds great, but for the price it fell short. We were hoping for chunks of crab, but it was more like shreds of crab intermixed with the mac and cheese.  It was still good and I loved the crumble top, but still pricey ($34) for the overall product.

  8. This is in sort of a strange location so it's a bit hidden but worth the find.  It was funny as I asked all my NYC friends, who work a 5-10 minute walk from here, about it and no one had heard of it.  Perhaps that's part of the draw!  I agree with Cindy C. that it's a 3.5 but since I can't judge consistency yet, I'm rounding down.  The bar area was pretty crowded and no seats available but they have a standing room only section so I parked myself there.  The service was average at the bar and I felt that the guy sort of didn't want to be there.  I just got one drink while I waited for my friends to arrive.  The back area is really cool cause the booths are private.  The service in the back was much better.  The server was attentive but also friendly.  We got oysters, which were just okay for me.  The burrata dish was really good.  The octopus was also solid.  I will definitely check it out again.

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