Samurai Fusion Sushi

“The Kani salad is one of the best i ever had, ask for it with a little spicy.”

“The waitresses are very friendly and they provide great suggestions on special rolls not listed on the menu.”

“Whenever you order from here, whether it is take out or eat in, they will give you excellent service!”

Samurai Fusion Sushi

Takes Reservations: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Has TV: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

8 reviews

  1. From 5 Stars down to 4 Stars…there are a couple of things I've picked up on over the last dozen or so visits (for take-out lunch meals):
    – Consistency: sometimes things are great, and other times there are little flubs that make the experience not perfect, ie: bad cut of fish in a roll or a slight fishiness.
    – B health rating: I've never gotten sick here in the myriad of times I've ordered from here, but for some this might be an issue.

    Service is always polite and my pick-up meals are ready in less than 10 minutes, I'll keep ordering from Samurai because the quality/price ratio is pretty damn good.

    Post review edit 03/03/2013: Word is they have gotten their A rating back!

  2. One of the best sushi places in Brooklyn. Their fish is always so fresh and their sushi is presentable and tasty.

    This is the place I always order sushi from whether I'm home or at work..this is the place to go to! Their staff is always polite and friendly and though their food is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny. You won't ever have to worry about eating fish that's not fresh because this place has the freshest fish I've eaten. They have special rolls but I usually stick with the regular ones like Eel avocado and salmon roll. delish!

    Their miso soup is very good compared to others I've had. They put a lot of ingredients in it unlike other restaurants. They have enoki mushrooms, tofu, scallions and seaweed. The mushrooms give this soup a little crunch to it which makes it so yummy.

    Aside from their soup and sushi, they also have other dishes like hibachi entree. I usually order their Scallop Hibachi. This is basically just stir fried scallops with zucchini and mushrooms. They also give you a side of egg fried rice with diced carrots in it and this comes with soup and salad. YUM.

    Whenever you order from here, whether it is take out or eat in, they will give you excellent service!

    Definitely one of the best places I've eaten sushi! FIVE STARS!

  3. Seafood Ceviche – Yuzu sauce for the vinaigrette is pretty nice
    Kani Salad – Standard
    Sushi Deluxe – Standard
    Red Dragon Roll – Standard
    Volcano Roll – Good

    I've always known I wouldn't come out of this place being wowed. But girlfriend had a tough day at work, so I wanted to take her out just because.

    The interior is very cozy! Intimate almost. While the food was "ehh", it was better than what I was expecting from a fusion place for the money paid. Not sure about the freshness of fish, but it certainly didn't taste bad. Service was very attentive and professional.

    Yes I would come back, but it's not a place worthwhile to go out of your way to go here. At least all the staff appeared to be friendly and accomodating.

    Minus one star:

  4. I went for lunch. Samurai was really good.

    Great service
    Amazing food presentation.
    Good food.

    I will be adding Samurai to the rotation.

    The location isnt prime which in Brooklyn is a good thing, making parking a remote possibility.

  5. With Tempura closed (for good? renovations? anyone know??)   this has become my sushi spot. I have eaten here a few times with friends and never been let down either with the sushi rolls or with the bento box lunch specials.  Sometimes its the little things that make a place stand out in your mind as last sunday on my way home I stopped in to take out a few rolls. It was a very cold day and while waiting the waitress brought me over a hot cup of green tea, (why does green tea taste soooo much better in sushi places than at home?)something like that raises a place in my eyes.

  6. First time and last time! Disgusting garbage! Check out my pics of what they gave me. At least they gave me my money back. Never had to do this ever. The worst rolls ever and a rotten salad. Close the doors before you get someone sick !

  7. I came here to get the beef bento box. It was a lot of food for me to consume. Also, they put straw mushrooms in their miso soup which I like. The price was also reasonable.

  8. Came here on a Saturday with my GF after wanting to try some place new for sushi. What a disappointment. The service was great but the sushi and sashimi was left much to be desired. We got the salmon lovers and the sushi deluxe. All the fish tasted the same, bland tasteless and rubbery. Needless to say I will not be coming back here again.

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