Silk Cakes

“The black sesame cake with peanut butter frosting with semi sweet chocolate was a hit as well as the red velvet.”

“Try, Thai Tea with condensed milk buttercream, chocolate with green tea buttercream, yuzu cake, and white chocolate truffle.”

“I was looking for asian flavors like matcha or black sesame so I plugged in asian bakeries.”

Silk Cakes

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  1. Its a small store with not too many flavors (could be good or bad depending on if you suffer from indecision like me). Decent cupcake but a lot of the flavors had an asian slant to them. Not too expensive I guess for Manhattan prices,  one cupcake goes for $3.50

  2. I love Asian or Asian-inspired desserts because they generally tend to be less sweet than the American/Western counterparts. I am also a huge sucker for flavors like green tea, red bean, and black sesame, so I was very excited to see the diverse range of cake flavors offered at Silk Cakes. In addition to the traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors, Silk Cakes also whips up tasty and unique flavors like green tea, yuzu, and Thai tea.

    I got to try many varieties of Asian-inspired cakes at a recent Yelp event, such as the green tea cake with blueberry buttercream, black sesame cake with peanut butter, yuzu cake with green tea buttercream, and thai tea cake with condense milk buttercream. I think the flavors of the cake can be more intense – sadly, I could barely taste the green tea or the black sesame! On the other hand, the buttercream was right on. I especially loved the yuzu cake with green tea buttercream. What a great combination! I think the Green Tea Cake would do better with Red Bean buttercream instead of blueberry. The cakes were slightly on the dry side.

    In addition to cake/cupcakes, Silk Cakes specializes in wedding cakes.

  3. Recently made a visit here for their holiday tasting event & to purchase some cupcakes and milk breads!

    Highly recommend:
    – The Thai tea with condensed milk buttercream cupcake
    – Yuzu with green tea buttercream cupcake

    Just okay:
    – the sriracha chocolate cupcake – Not too crazy about it, mostly chocolate flavor with a very tiny kick to it. Didn't really taste any sriracha.
    – green tea with blueberry buttercream – small green tea flavor, it was all right.

    Their buttercream was on point for all the cupcakes though! Yum!

    For the milkbread, I recommend the coffee flavor with custard and green tea with blueberry preserves.

    I also got to try a sample of their cheesecake with gingerbread crust – delicious! get it!

    Just a note, these pastries are LESS SWEET than what you may be used to (think Chinese bakery style).  If you prefer or are used to very sugary/sweet cupcakes, this might not be the spot for you.  

    Price: $3-$3.50 per cupcake/cake slice/milkbread

  4. I came on a weekend afternoon, and there was a guy on his phone behind the counter. He wasn't very attentive. Also when I asked for a bag for my cupcakes, he didn't have one.

    The cupcakes themselves were alright. The Thai tea was interesting, most of the flavor came from the frosting. The yuzu green tea was ok. I was disappointed to find the cakes not as moist as I'd hope.

    A Star for being clean
    A Star for having the flavored I wanted to try in stock

  5. The pictures of the custom cakes here are quite impressive. Sadly I didn't need a whole cake at the moment so I came here for cupcakes only.

    This isn't a gimmicky place – there's no crazy trendy toppings on the cupcakes, just a clean and smooth mound of icing. There are a lot of Asian flavors (green tea, black sesame, pandan, chocolate Sriracha) and they are all simple and elegantly done. I got the Thai iced tea cupcake with condensed milk buttercream and the green tea with blueberry buttercream. Both cakes were semi sweet and subtly flavored. I was really impressed with the buttercream which is mind blowingly soft and light – it was like biting into little clouds! I also got a slice of the chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream which was basic but good.

    The cupcakes are $3.50 each and the cake slice was $5.50 which is on the pricier side but the quality is there so I don't mind. If you like Asian flavors and minimalist desserts, try this place.

  6. Rounding up to 3 stars…

    I came in and waited a bit for someone to come inside (the tiny place was empty) and take our order.  I got the yuzu cake with green tea buttercream and green tea truffle.  Sounds amazing, and I love cupcakes with filling inside!  However, the cupcake was frooozen and I just tossed it after eating half of it.  I'll stick to Sprinkles.

  7. Came here for a dozen cupcakes for my friends who were hosting me.  I got 4 different varieties – chocolate with green tea buttercream, banana with nutella buttercream, yellow with dulce de leche buttercream, and red velvet (which was filled, yummm).  They were very tasty, not overly sweet, but a little small for $3.50 per cupcake.  I also got a slice of chocolate truffle cake for myself and it was good but not mind-blowing.

  8. Our wedding cake was AMAZING!  Judy was courteous, professional, and easy to work with as usual.  At our first meeting she prepared 5 cupcakes with different flavor combos (3 a part of the tasting, 2 extra for a small charge) examples include:
    yellow butter cake with dulce de leche buttercream and white choc truffle
    thai tea cake with condensed milk buttercream and white choc truffle
    yellow butter cake, vanilla buttercream, jasmine tea milk choc truffle
    yuzu cake, green tea buttercream, green tea truffle
    black sesame cake, vanilla buttercream, choc truffle

    She went through each tier and let us know how many servings each provided.  I showed Judy many pics of our cake design and she has many of her own, but Judy seemed to have the idea as I was describing it because she sketched the cake of my dreams.  She even made suggestions to make the cake more beautiful!

    We ended up with a 5 tier cake that was perfectly/elegantly decorated!

    Judy will be making cakes and desserts us forever!

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