Tasty Cafe

“They give me unlimited toppings, aside from single meat, for around $7.50.”

“I loaded up my salad, grabbed a complimentary roll and butter on my way out the door and for a grand total of $7.55 (with tax), had an incredible lunch.”

“I order the Challah French toast w/bananas OMG!!!”

Tasty Cafe

Delivery: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Caters: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Under $10

8 reviews

  1. 3 stars out of a possible 4. I was going to give it 4 but just to order food is confusing as hell. Looks like they try to have a full service restaurant in a deli. It seems like the hostess is more overwhelmed with the double work of taking orders and checking people out. She doesn't even know if I paid and I'm done eating I could just walk out. Other than that the food is good a little over priced to be far outside from time square.


    3.5 Stars.
    Our office manager organized a food tasting with a huge assortment. Everything I had was pretty good and but colleagues' reviews were mixed.

    My Samplings:
    1) CHICKEN MILPERO sandwich ($7.50): grilled chicken, white cheddar cheese, roasted pepper and onions, avocado, chipotle spread on an Italian Pocket. Tasty combo but bread is a bit greasy.
    2) COCONUT SHRIMP – think only on catering menu but worth the add but they won't be hot upon arrival. Still tasty. More on sweet side.
    3) CHIPOTLE SWEET POTATO AND QUINOA ($3.99) – I had no sweet potatoes 🙁
    4) CHICKEN BOWTIE CAESAR SALAD ($3.79) – fine, nothing special

    *Props to their Going Green initiatives!

  3. I found this place after reading some other yelpers review. I am so glad I used my app,because I would have never found this place.   I order the Challah French toast w/bananas OMG!!! It was so delicious. Highly Recommended.

  4. This is a great cafe. They have a large variety of food to choose from. They have sandwiches, wraps, cooked food (such as chicken parmigiana, roasted chicken, etc), quesadillas, soup, etc.

    I ordered the mushroom and spinach quesadilla (about $7). It was generously filled with melting cheese (I think it's cheddar). It was so filling I couldn't even finish it. I also saw a buffalo chicken quesadilla option, which my friend says is pretty good as well.

    I also got a Pina Colada smoothie. It was great, but I think they added a little too much crushed ice in there. $4.50 for a 16 oz, $5 for a 20 oz.

    They have a decent selection of soup. They offer the little cups so you can sample them. I tried the clam chowder. It's good, but was a little surprised the soup wasn't as thick in consistency as I expected it to be. Not saying it's bad though.

  5. their fries are AWESOME. Not often that people season their fries. Their sandwiches are decent though their sauce seems to upset my stomach but I don't think it's their fault (sucks that I'm not 18 years old anymore).

    Overall its' a decent place to grab a bite and they are nuanced enough from their competitors enough to where I'll crave this place every now and then

  6. I was looking for a quick lunch and dropped in here and was immediately impressed by the variety of selections. It is typical of an NYC deli-type cafe, so there was a sandwich/panini station, a smoothie bar, salads, soups, hot entree items, and bakery items. The bakery items seemed pretty healthy (gluten free, etc.). I ordered a broccoli and chicken quesadilla. It was a large portion, and came with 3 different sauces/dips. I also requested pesto sauce on the side. The quesadilla was delicious! Nice and hot, melted cheese, grilled chicken and onions and broccoli all went well together. I would just recommend that they put the prices next to each item, as most places would. Instead, prices are listed on several screens up above, which is inconvenient because the menu screen keeps switching.

    Otherwise, I also enjoyed the experience because the place was clean, not crowded, and had plenty of space.

  7. BLUF: A great place to grab a quick breakfast on the way to work or school. I had the cheese omelet breakfast combo which was a filling meal for $6.

    The cheese omelet meal consisted of a two egg cheese omelet, hashbrowns, and two slices of toast. The omelet was nothing special as it was an over hard with strings of cheese tossed on top. The hashbrowns were nothing exceptional, something that comes frozen in the breakfast aisle in your local grocery store and the slices of toast were standard.

    The plus comes from the fast service and the clean setting. Ultimately a great place to stop for a quick meal but nothing of high quality.

  8. I got a salad delivered last night. The cucumbers were slimy and awful tasting. I guess rotting in the heat, not kept right.

    If you can't make a salad, forget it.

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