Dimple’s Bombay Talk

“If I had to pick favorites I would recommend getting the Pani Puri, Chole bhature, and the cutlet Bombay sandwich.”

“We ordered all different kinds of chaat such as samosa chaat, dahi puri, papri chaat, tokri chaat and then we also ordered dosas.”

“Dahi puri and chole bature is amazing and all the food was good also fast service and friendly”

Dimple’s Bombay Talk

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
Caters: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Under $10

8 reviews

  1. The food here was amazing. Great choices of Indian street food for cheap. We got the Pani Puri, Dhai Puri, Bhel Puri, Chole bhature, Cutlet Bombay sandwich, Idly/vada sambar, and a lassi. For a family of 4, this amount of food was plenty, and very satisfying.

    The food was so good that we inhaled it all in about 15 minutes, so I wasn't able to get any photos. All the dishes were so well made with a great spice level. If I had to pick favorites I would recommend getting the Pani Puri, Chole bhature, and the cutlet Bombay sandwich. So delicious.

    If you are going in the evening try calling ahead of time to put your name in, since the lines can get really long and wait times can be up to an hour. On a Tuesday night, we had to wait about 45 minutes from when we first put our name in.

    Service was great, and everyone there is very hardworking and quick to take your order and bring out your meal. This place is not meant to be a "fine dining" experience so it is unfair for people to rate according to the dirty bathrooms, cramped area etc…it's in the middle of Edison! What do you expect? I will definitely be going back!

  2. I was referred to this place by literally every Indian friend I have at Rutgers.  Any time I bring up Bombay Talk they lose their minds and say they can't wait to get back

    Unfortunately it is all vegetarian, and I am a very big carnivore so I am slightly bias going into this review.  Thankfully the group I went with had an Indian who knew what she was looking at so we got all the best dishes on the menu.  The only problem is that personally I thought all of the dishes were missing an added flavor from some form of meat.  If I am going to have a nice spicey dish you had better hope there is some well seasoned chicken or pork behind it, not some cauliflower.

    Overall, the dishes did have great seasoning and were presented as if from a street vendor, but once again I would have loved meat.  The service was above average in speed, but below average in professionalism.

  3. Namaste!, this place is real Bombay street food !!. Found it  getting lost in Iselin, Menu is inexpensive and very extensive,Try Chole Batura made with great channa, their tokri chaat  is excellent  and the Dosa real authentic in looks and taste, Onion Rava Dosa can be made to your taste, dry Gobi Manchurian, Thai Fried Rice, Bhel Puri, and Chatpatti Chaat and the list goes on. And savor  their refreshing Mango Lassi! It is really affordable and you get what you pay for, paper ware in a simple restaurant but I came just to enjoy the food.

  4. A busy spot that seems to be an Edison staple. Lots of food choices for those who may be a bit picky. I found it to be a bit overpriced for dosas, but it may be the going rate around the area. Service is standard for an Indian spot. One quirk, they don't serve hot tea in house on weekends (only to go), which is crazy odd. My guess, is they don't want people sitting and chatting over tea for hours and hours as many Indians are known to do.

    I ordered the Mysore Plain Dosa and the other two ordered the Tokri Chat. I was a bit disappointed with my dosa because the menu makes it seem like there will be a chutney to complement it. Instead, you get the dosa with a powder sprinkled all over the inside. It was a tasty addition but rather unsatisfying. They did include sambar (a kind of soup) and offered to refill it when I finished it. That was greatly appreciated. The Tokri Chat more than met the standards for the other two guests. I would definitely try this place again and possibly update my review accordingly.

  5. Not a fan of their junglee jumbo sandwich which can easily feed 4 people.  At first the sandwich tasted ok, but after a few bites it all becomes a bit much.  Sometimes less really IS better.

  6. Trust me. Unless you're craving extremely healthy food (which I usually try to go for ugh), YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS PLACE!

    Pau bhaji lelo. Gobi manchurian lelo. Mango lassi lelo. SAB KUCH LELO! Cuz you gettin' everything here! (Lelo = take)

    Came here after many years with my sister-in-law and, yup, we went ham! Although I think my mom's pau bhaji is the best thing in the world, she claims this place's is it. The sweet lassi here was amazing as well. You will find the occasional excess oil in some things, but at that point, you really gotta decide whether or not you're going to REALLY sulk in amazing Bombay street food.

    I know this review was a mess, but honestly when you're starving and have all these delightful options, YOU DON'T THINK STRAIGHT.

    And now i'm hungry, thanks Yelp!

  7. Tokri chaat and golden chili corn are must haves, you won't find it this good anywhere else on oak tree road. Goes great with the chocolate milkshake or cold coffee and ice cream. Service is usually very fast.

  8. We have been to this place many times and yet keeps thinking something is missing but then again its just in thehead or maybe because i am not a big fan of homemade type tasting food

    The place at no matter in time is usually packed. Its speciality is chaat and then indo chinese which is decent. Chat is apparently very.good and homemade taste which is the problem

    We ordered a tokri chat (potatoe bowl with all tye helpings with yogurt) and khasta kachori( big fried donut size dumpling filled with lentils , spices, potaties and some other stuff with yougurt and tamarind chutney)

    See both were good but homemade taste means i am spending money on something i can make at home and that is why i get little disappointed. I mean i would like them to make it little more different than usual be creative and spurce it up a little

    Their junglee jumbo sandwich is really good and if gone in a group should be ordered. It is huge sandwich with soup sides and would be good for a laugh to eat up the challenge of finishing the whole sandwich.

    Overall it is a good place and should be visited if u like chat as it is decent but if you want some different tasting of an item you make at home here then maybe this is not the place.

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