Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant

“We got number 1 (combinational pho), Cha Gio (vietnamese spring roll with pork & vegetables) – it came with 8.”

“I ordered Xe Lua:combination of big bowl of beef pho,$7.5+tax.”

“I got my usual – the combination extra big bowl – (Dac Biet) that comes w/ brisket, navel, frank, omosa, tendon & eye of round.”

Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant

Delivery: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
PokéStop Nearby: Yes

Price range.

$ Price range Under $10

8 reviews

  1. Somehow, I always end up coming back to this place not because of their food but more because of its convenient location. I've tried a good amount of dishes throughout my visits: #1 which is the basic Pho, vermicelli with spring rolls, rice dishes such as beef cubes and lemongrass chicken, as well as spring rolls. Overall, the food is decent but this place has had some hiccups here and there.

    In my most recent visit, I ordered the #1 and found a small fly in my soup. I was looking forward to digging into my big bowl of noodles too, but my appetite was lost quickly. Also, I find that they serve way too much onions in the beef cubes with rice dish. The sauce is tasty but more beef cubes and less onions would be perfect.

    In addition, I found out from a fellow Yelper friend that this place already includes tip in your check. They don't write out the dishes you order and the amount for each like most restaurants do. Instead, they just provide you with the total, which is very deceiving. They don't tell you tip is included either. I'm sure there are many of us who have been leaving extra tip after we pay. Just know now that we are being way too generous.

    I remember there was one time my boyfriend and I ate here and the waiter spilled cups of water all over my boyfriend. Although it seemed like an accident, it would've been nice if we were granted a free meal or something to compensate an uncomfortable dining situation but nope, nothing was given. Not even a discount. Instead we were charged full price with tip included (without us knowing), and we also paid extra tip on top of that even though we had a bad experience. Talk about generous! Honestly, the 3 stars only go towards the food and I'm being very generous.

  2. I love Nam Son! They seat you right away, they're attentive, quick, and friendly. I definitely recommend #59: Grilled shrimp pho. You can ask them to take the tail off the shrimp. It comes with a small cup of broth (I add spices to that) and a large bowl of noodles, scallions, veggies, herbs. You're always served hot tea once seated. Great for groups, it's cheap, and awesome.

  3. Nam Son has been my go-to place for relatively inexpensive and decent quality food (especially pho) probably since 2011, if not earlier.  Here are a few key things that are noteworthy about this restaurant:

    1.  There are plenty of seats and tables.  There are tables for two people, four people and even larger groups.  Flexibility is a plus in my book.
    2.  Most people come here for pho.  In my opinion, that's probably what you should get if you come here.  If you ask for #1, you'll get a bigger portion so keep that in mind.
    3.  You might be given good service on a given day, or bad service.  I guess you can flip a coin and evaluate your luck before going in.
    4.  In the dozens of times I've come here, i never really experienced anything amazing, so don't expect anything too amazing.
    5.  The appearance and ambience is kind of nice and casual.
    6.  The bathrooms are disgusting.  I think some people enjoy urinating on the floor for some reason.   Prepare to bring an extra napkin with you into the bathroom to turn the door knob. And make sure you wear shoes that don't have holes.

    Would I come back here?  Of course.  It fits my budget and is conveniently located in Chinatown.  It also fills me up.

  4. My friend took me here because I've never had Vietnamese food. He insisted that I try out this spot and order their Pho. I ordered the Dac Biet because he told me to. And, may I say, it was the best thing I've eaten in a long time. We also ordered the spring rolls, which were fantastic. The broth had the right amount of salt, the noodles were so soft and the meat was tender. I recommend all of my Yelp friends and other Yelpers to try this place out. Order their pho and you'll see what I mean.

  5. As good as it gets. Cheap, authentic vietnamese food. Very fast servers; i think I get my pho or buncha within 5 minutes of ordering, every time.

    I would stick to the standard vietnamese dishes that involve noodles – would stay away from rice dishes or regular soups. I found the rice dish toppings usually very oily and soups were bland, IMO.

    Pho or buncha or springrolls, on the other hand, are excellent here.

  6. Solid pho place right outside Grand St station.

    The broth is the showstopper – light and flavorful. Only problem with the pho is that the portions are tiny. I got the pho and raw beef only (#6) but I finished the pho way before the beef, which means it could use some more noodles. Unless you get the big bowl of pho (#1), it will leave you pretty hungry. The spring rolls are delicious though. Unlike the typical golden flaky ones, these are made like fried dumplings.

    Vietnamese coffee was pretty bitter. It's the drip kind so you have to wait a while before you drink it.

    Fast service.

  7. I dropped by on a Thursday afternoon because I was around the area. I was really impressed with the amount of meat in my pho noodles. The beef was particularly tender. The soup was flavorful and hot, which I liked (It's a huge pet peeve of mine to order pho noodles and get lukewarm soup). The service was quick and efficient. I will definitely return in the future to satisfy my pho cravings.

  8. I'm really picky about my pho and can't seem to find one that has the right broth, good meat, and the right noodle chewiness. I've tried so many pho places and nam son is the only place I am actually willing to finish. The broth is hit or miss recently, but still good. A couple years ago, the broth tasted very savory and flavorful. The past few times I've gone, it's been a little watered down. Meat in the pho is on point especially the brisket.  Definitely get the spring rolls!!  Service is fast. Nothing fancy but a great place when you just want a nice bowl of pho right away.

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