“Absolutely no complaints, chef kept the food coming my fav, Toro Tartare with Caviar, scallop cauliflower and sushi Omakase.”

“We got the Sushi Kaiseki and it was the perfect pairing of warm dishes with a fresh selection of some of the best quality sushi I've had.”

“The sushi was unbelievable, my favorite being the toro which just melted as it touched the tongue.”


Takes Reservations: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes

Price range.

$$$$ Price range Above $61

8 reviews

  1. omg the sushi here was amazing. Ordered the Sushi Kaiseki and a couple of bottles of sake (we ran a pretty steep bill) but it was totally worth every penny. On par with Nakazawa but much easier to get a reservation. I even liked some of the non-sushi entrees, which I don't always enjoy. I recall a particularly good lobster dish. Ugh I'm salivating just thinking about it. Must go back!

  2. Had a pleasure of dining at Shuko the Friday before Valentine's Day weekend. Now I must say, getting reservations here is difficult. It's just like 11:59PM the day before course registration goes up for the following semester in college, if you can recall those years. I saw reservations on Open Table for 5:30pm seating and was semi reluctant since A:): early dinner isn't ideal in my book and B:) I had to secure my reservation with a credit card.

    Beyond all the hesitation, and now looking back, I will say that whenever you can snag a reservation, just go! My fiancé and I were really worried that night because NJ Transit was experiencing delays due to Amtrak, and cancelling a reservation meant you're hit with a fee, a large one! I was worried that I wouldn't make it on time.Thankfully, they were able to push us back to 6pm, and the PATH saved us, so we were able to make it with time to spare.

    We had decided to go with the Sushi Kaiseki tasting at $175 per head, $40 more than Sushi Omakase. It was a collection of over 17 sushi pieces, plus seasonal dishes to start, and by the looks of other plates who had ordered the Omakase, it was definitely the better and well valued choice. The best meals of the evening were the seasonal dishes, like the Trout with Trout Skin.

    Chef Nick Kim was our main man for the night, and really set the tone of our entire experience. A truly down to earth guy, who at the end of the day, is just like any one of us, except with killer culinary skills.

    So if you're on the fence, and feel like giving up on reservations to Shuko, think otherwise!!! And if you're a die hard hip hop and r&b listener, you'll get a kick out of their playlist!

  3. We chose to do the kaiseki meal which was, to be honest, way too overwhelming. It started with hot dishes and ended with sushi. I think it makes more sense to start with the sushi since its taste is much more delicate. By the time we got to the sushi dishes we were almost full and so couldn't enjoy the freshness of the fish as much.

    The hot dishes were good but not great unfortunately. And for the price point and the hype that Shuko gets, I was really expecting to have my mind blown with each dish. All the hot dishes were average and it felt like each dish was "trying too hard". My favorite was the wagyu add on – simple yet wonderful – the meat was super tender and juicy and only seasoned with some sea salt.

    The sushi part of the meal was quite good! If I come back next time, I'd stick to the sushi meal. Also make sure you sit at the sushi bar to get the better experience.

  4. My heart is broken! I wanted to love this place for so long and our meal was totally ruined. The service was aloof and miserable. I can't even imagine why we were treated so poorly but $650 later (two tasting menus, a wine pairing, a few beers, tax and tip) I wish I never set foot here.

    Let's talk about the price because $185pp is insane for dinner. I'm not cheap and many tasting menus are worth the price. I thought Shuko would be an amazing experience but it was totally basic and at times, uncomfortable. The sushi was OK and the muscular, tattooed sushi chef was super cool and talkative. But other than that, the service left me feeling like I just wanted to leave.  

    This place ruined my birthday and weirdly, I haven't ordered sushi since. I wish I never went.

  5. Best sushi experience I've ever had.

    I live in LA and have visited Tokyo more than once, so I know good sushi. This sushi is fantastic. The quality of the fish is top notch. Service is relaxed but so friendly and professional.

    I opted for the sushi Omakase at $135. It's really a steal for the food you get. Each bite was more impressive than the last. Flavors exploded in my mouth. Of note were the toro roll and the lobster supplement. Wine list is excellent.

    Rap music makes the atmosphere light and fun even though the food is serious.

    Apple pie is a must for dessert. I cannot wait to go back!

  6. For the price point, I expected to be wowed.  Unfortunately, the food isn't at the wow level.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and music plenty.  Service was good, not the best.  Basically it all comes down to the food for me though.  We opted for the kaiseki ($175) plus the ($50) wagyu supplement.  Many of the kaiseki plates were on the bland side.  Our wagyu plate was over salted and slightly overcooked.  The sushi portion of the meal was good, not great.  There was a guy preparing 10 sushi pieces at once and doing it quickly.  That doesn't happen in a top Japanese sushi restaurant.  I liked some of the finishing dessert courses.  

    The best part of the meal was being able to bring my own bottle of Champagne for $30.  We ordered an expensive bottle of sake off the list so the house waived our corkage.

    In summary, for a high tariff I want to be wowed.  Too many of the dishes were just average and not seasoned correctly.  Nice to try but no return visit for me.

  7. A fantastic meal. The first dishes take creative dishes, lots of fun combinations that properly know how tastes support and combine with each other. All killer, no filler during this portion. If you've been to Soto, this is along similar lines but more interesting. During the second half of the courses, things move to the sushi and our chef was brilliant. He was personable with his bar (two couples total) and modified his sushi as we dug into the pieces. I'm still debating between this and Sushi Nakazawa for this particular portion of the dinner, it's a difficult choice. Shuko serves enough food to make you feel like exploding. At the end, we were slowly waddling out of the restaurant towards Union Square.

  8. The great thing about New York is that there's a never ending stream of great sushi spots that constantly open up. I've been wanting to come to Shuko since it opened to the point where I was afraid my expectations were too high.

    I got the $135 menu and it was probably one of the more creative omakase's I've had (similar to what they do at Gari). Each piece had its own twist – although they had the classic toro, uni and scallop.

    In all I would say we had around 20 pieces, but fear not! I was pretty intimidated that I would be stuffed walking out, but the chefs do a great job of balancing the rice to fish ratio and I didn't feel like I was being force fed rice like I am at some places.

    And as with any sushi place – definitely try to sit at the counter instead of a table.

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