Tout Va Bien

“Had the Coq au vin another time i was there and will be honest, wasnt a fan bc the meat was dark on the chicken and I just dont like dark.”

“I stick mostly to the traditionals–snails, pate, steak au poivre, coq au vin, etc–and am never disappointed.”

-Caramel custard and chocolate mousse: I preferred the chocolate mousse.”

Tout Va Bien

Takes Reservations: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Good for Kids: Yes
Good for Groups: Yes
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Has TV: Yes
Waiter Service: Yes
PokéStop Nearby: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range $11-30

8 reviews

  1. Upgrading back to 5 stars based on a recent warm, authentic French experience with foie gras where the slice was thick enough and some carbonara that was simply to die for.  

    Now we need to get Escalope de Veau a la Creme added to the menu — heck, they already have Tripe a la Mode de Caen (which does not mean tripe with ice cream on top), and while we're at it we need to add Mamie's Pot au Feu in Winter and Raclette on snow days and then they'll qualify for 6 stars.

    Meantime, bon appetit.

  2. We came for lunch as a small group, and were all happily surprised with this place. The food is on the traditional side, with a very homey and rustic feel to it–it's definitely not a new age French place in any way. I actually believe this place is the oldest French restaurant in the Theater District.

    In terms of decor, this place was very much what you would think a small restaurant in France would look like–brick interior walls, red checkered table clothes, and lots of vintage posters and signage. The tables are kind of close together, so I imagine if you went at a very busy time it would be hard to get in and out of the booth tables along the wall.

    The food is all pretty good, maybe not the absolute prettiest in terms of presentation, but still very tasty and priced well. We got the charcuterie platter, scallops, escargot, and prosciutto as appetizers. The pate from the charcuterie platter was pretty tasty as well as the escargot, but our favorite was definitely the scallops. As for entrees we got the shrimp scampi, mussels and frog legs. The mussels are a great deal, $14 for a gigantic bowl, and they will refill the bread basket a lot which is perfect to go with the white wine broth.

  3. This was our first stop on Christmas day.  Did I mention they were open on Christmas Day?   My dad wanted mussels, so I yelped a place nearby and came up with this tiny gem.   He ordered mussels and they were awesome.  I had the french onion soup which was simply divine.  And my step mom had the goat cheese salad which was also divine.  The goat cheese was warm!!! OH MY GOD!!!  It was so good!!!  If I lived around here, I would definitely come here.   The waitstaff…well…not the greatest–kinda rude—but that's the French way, non?  LOL  …but it WAS CHRISTMAS DAY!  LOL…So, I'm cutting them some slack.

  4. $24.95 prix fixe is a great pre-theater choice. Excellent coq au vin; fries; apple tart. mussels. Very friendly service. Very long established and very French. Very good service. Close quarters and jammed before shows, but they know how to get you out on time.

  5. This place is perfect.

    I love the atmosphere. It is authentic. They actually speak French here for starters.

    The snails, mussels, coq au vin…. My favorites. They are generous with their wine pours and always bring something special after the meal.

    It has become a tradition of sorts for us to not only bring our family but our friends as well. It just feels like a place you can sit at a table for hours and hours and just have good food and good conversation.

  6. I am from Las Vegas so I know great food! I was thoroughly impressed!
    The pre theater menu is full of great choices and the price, under $30.00 (26) is very reasonable!
    I ordered mussels as my appetizer and my friend ordered the house pate: both were outstanding! For the entrees, I ordered the Coq au Vin and my friend ordered the salmon… Wow!!! The Coq au Vin was absolutely delicious, easily one of the best I had. The salmon had an incredible garlic sauce and was cooked perfectly. Finally, dessert: my friend ordered a creme caramel which was good. I payed an extra 2 dollars ( overall still under 30 dollars for the whole meal) and had the Tarte Tatin… It was perfect, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a little fresh team. The wine we ordered, by he glass, was excellent. The wine is not included in the pre theater menu. Overall, it was a pleasant surprise!
    The service was friendly and fast in a small little restaurant with a few tables. It is perfect for dates! It is located around the Hell's Kitchen area and only 3 minutes from Studio 54, where we were off to see a show. It is close to most theaters in that area. I was impressed by the fact that it has been around since 1949. It is here to stay!

  7. The Perfect Restaurant.

    Lovely atmosphere – quiet and relaxed and comfortable. We had two servings of escargot (delicious) and a heaping plate of oysters and it was excellent for dipping bread. The cost was NYC decent at $30 and the hostess was an incredibly nice French lady! Lots of freebies at the end of the night also! I would put this place in my top 5 favorite restaurants.

  8. After three meals at Tout Va Bien, I am finally getting around to reviewing it. Honestly, I am not sure why I took so long because I have loved each experience there.  The restaurant is small and unassuming. The entry has a coat rack (it can get rather cozy inside so deposit big winter coats there) and you enter to find low lights and low ceilings with tons of tables arranged in rows.  The servers are french speakers and are always very nice and accommodating while serving us.  We usually are satisfied with the house red wine for our family meals and order two bottles through dinner. If you are lucky, at the end of the meal, they will bring you a serving of their house punch.  A great end to your meal and I suggest you do not pass it up if offered.

    They offer a prefix meal for 26$.  Soup or salad of the day with a choice of various entrees and a delicious dessert.  I got asparagus soup, Coq au vin and the apple tart.  I was thrilled with all three options.  The asparagus soup was creamy and delicious. The entire table dipped a piece of bread in to taste it and everyone enjoyed their sample (but the rest was for me so one taste was enough!). Next up was the coq au vin served with potato.  The sauce is absolutely divine.  I may have had equal parts chicken and bread to dip in it. The chicken fell right off the bone and was perfectly cooked in a red wine reduction filled with carrots and onions. Thankfully, it is a smaller dish because I would not have been able to enjoy the apple tart for dessert otherwise.  It is delicious and I will leave it at that.  Now for the other meals at the table.  One family member always gets mussels.  If it was not delicious, there would be no reason for her to constantly repeat on each return trip. The other got a huge plate of bouillabaisse.  It was a special and apparently rarely served so she was thrilled.  It smelled lovely.  I, however, dislike shell fish so I cannot attest to either dish. On our previous visits, I have tried and greatly enjoyed the french onion soup and filet mignon.  Their french fries are very good as well so make sure to get them for the table to share! Go give this place a try.  It is a very nice way to enjoy french food in NYC.

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