Stumptown Coffee Roasters

“Hipster retro-dressed baristas and "look at how cool I am" Ace hotel decor complement the drinks very well.”

“Portland), this outpost of Duane Sorenson's mini empire rocks out seriously great espresso.”

“They also make one of the few lattes I've had that gives you with a bold final sip that leaves you wanting more.”

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Take-out: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepts Apple Pay: Yes
Bike Parking: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Good for Working: Yes
PokéStop Nearby: Yes

Price range.

$$ Price range Moderate

8 reviews

  1. I'm not even a huge coffee fan and their cold brew is phenom – Stumptown is famous for a reason! Not to mention it's located in the Ace hotel so you can sit and relax in their amazing lobby with leather couches and open seating with your beverage.

    If you're a coffee fan this needs to be number one on your list!

  2. So I love their coffee… What I didn't love was their location and set up.

    Stumptown sits along 29th Street outside the lobby area of the Ace Hotel. I entered through the hotel, but there's a small door to entry Stumptown directly which I'd missed and found my way to the coffee shop where I joined the back of a long line of patrons.

    While waiting others entered from the Stumptown entrance while still others tried to come in from the hotel side giving some confusion to the concept of a line.

    There's no seating in the coffee shop itself, just a standing room counter. I ordered a small soy latte and waited for my drink at the end of the barista counter. Taking mine with me I made my way into the hotel lobby. Nice ambiance I'll give it that but I couldn't help but feel like a squatter using hotel seating and facilities to drink my coffee, but maybe this is considered normal here.

    The coffee had a great flavor and was well crafted with the soy milk. Great latte, just would have enjoyed it more within the confines of the coffee shop itself had there been seating without the hubbub of a hotel's constant comings and goings.

  3. This review is as much for the Stumptown coffee as it is for the Ace Hotel lobby/lounge area that it's connected to.

    Despite its fairly busy location, this Stumptown location is one of my favorite coffee spots in the city. Pick up your drink at the front, where the coffee bar is located, and then hang out by the standing-room-only bar or head into the Ace Hotel lobby for seating. Inside, there's ample space and wifi, but at the cost of a much darker atmosphere (as in there's very little lighting).

    Coffee-wise, this is standard, A+ Stumptown material. The coffee is strong, a little pricey, and high-quality. If it's your first time, I highly recommend the cold brew. It's what got me started on drinking my coffee black: a little fruity, not too acidic, and highly complex and flavorful.

    Overall, highly recommend for both the coffee and the atmosphere.

  4. To me, Stumptown is the anchor of the newly turned over "NoMad" neighborhood.  It sits within the Ace Hotel and whenever you walk in, it feels like the place to be.  And the coffee is some of the best in the city.  The lines can be long any time of day, but if you have the time, it's worth it!

  5. I googled "places that are open late to study" and this place came up. Then I came here and found it a little disappointing.

    First, the coffee shop is purely to buy coffee, tea or "hot cocoa" as there are no seats; the seating area can be found in the lounge area of the Ace Hotel which is adjacent to the coffee shop and can be accessed through the lounge area. I ordered the "hot cocoa" and it was ok but I threw it out half full because I just didn't feel like drinking it anymore.

    Once your in the lounge area seating is limited (it was jam packed the day I went but I got lucky because someone was leaving just as I was walking near them…my NY moment!Ha!). The lighting is very dim so don't bother reading in ample light (I was there around 5pm). People are always coming and going because duh it's a hotel and people check in and check out at all hours of the day! And it's super noisy!

    One thing that I found interesting was that there were servers taking orders for people; be it coffee or appetizers etc. It didn't strike me as a restaurant/coffee place. I left feeling very confused and with very little work done!

  6. Favorite coffee place in the city.  I would wake up in the morning and crave it enough to drive all the way there to get some.  It puts most of the other coffee to shame…

    It's connected to the lobby area at the Ace Hotel.  You can order to stay and find a nice comfortable couch to lounge within the lobby area.

    There's going to be a line pretty much anytime during the day, but it does move pretty quickly.  

    Mocha is excellent as it's tremendously smooth without being overly sweet.

    Cold brew on nitro is perfect for the summer season!

    A keeper.

  7. Stumptown coffee is truly delicious. I also love how it's right next to the ACE hotel and you can chill at the lobby while waiting for your latte.

    It's so rich, and creamy. I feel like the lattes taste so good just by itself that no added sugar is necessary.

    I also bought a bag of their coffee beans to take home to grind. The average price was around $18, and some of the selections were even more expensive. I'm fine with paying a lot for Stumptown beans, but earlier this month I discovered Stumptown beans for only $11 at Whole Foods. And it made me happy to discover cheaper alternatives 🙂

  8. Heard their mochas were something of a miracle, and I wasn't too disappointed (miracle mochas still live in and belong to New Orleans. Sorry NY.) A decent, dark, mocha was whipped up for me pretty quickly despite the long line (it moved fast.)
    Their almond croissant is murder-worthy if you like a subtle nutty flavor and fluffy-yet-crispy croissants bathed in butter.
    No seats in this location – just a counter by the window, so seek seating inside the hotel lobby or take your treats to go! I'll certainly be back to try their cold brew next time.

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